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Enable and visualize real-time tracking for fleet operations

Leverage the Mobile Driver App to monitor drivers' locations, updates, and vehicle data in real-time. Facilitate the immediate sharing of location-based insights and comprehensive vehicle performance metrics.Try free for 14 days

DeliveryAnalytics OF DELIVERY

DeliveryAnalytics of delivery ensures streamlined processes from initiation to completion.

Signature Capture

Secure digital signatures.

Collect and store digital signatures from customers upon delivery as irrefutable proof of delivery.

Photo Verification

Add photo evidence.

Enable drivers to capture photos of delivered items for additional verification and quality assurance.


Confirm delivery location.

Utilize GPS data to provide precise location verification of where and when a delivery was made.

Automated Receipts

Instant delivery receipts.

Generate and send digital receipts immediately after delivery, providing customers with instant confirmation.


In-depth Performance Analysis

Deep dive into delivery metrics to identify trends, forecast demands, and implement strategic improvements across the delivery lifecycle.

Actionable Insights Extraction

Utilize analytics to generate actionable insights, driving decisions that enhance delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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