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Improve shipping efficiency through Route Planning

Determine collection times and items using in-app Route Scheduling for efficient delivery tracking. Quickly share updates, statuses, and visual proof with ease.Try free for 14 days


Proof of delivery ensures streamlined processes from initiation to completion.

Dynamic Routing

Adjust routes in real-time.

Automatically recalibrate routes based on traffic, weather, and on-the-fly delivery requests for maximum efficiency.

Historical Data Analysis

Leverage past insights.

Use historical route and performance data to plan optimal future routes and reduce delivery times.

Multi-stop Planning

Optimize multiple stops.

Sequence delivery stops in an optimal order to minimize travel distance and time, enhancing driver productivity.

Customizable Preferences

Tailor routes to needs.

Allow customization of routing preferences for priorities, such as shortest distance or fastest time, based on specific delivery requirements.


Optimized Path Selection

Select the most efficient routes based on real-time data, improving time and fuel efficiency. Customize routing to avoid tolls or highways as needed.

Enhanced Navigation Tools

Provide drivers with detailed, turn-by-turn navigation and traffic updates, ensuring the quickest delivery times and reducing late arrivals.


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