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Manage and share dispatch operations from one dashboard

Specify orders, fleets, and drivers to monitor with our in-app Dispatch Dashboard for optimal coordination. Quickly distribute updates on orders, fleet positions, and driver statuses efficiently.Try free for 14 days

DispatchDashboard OF DELIVERY

DispatchDashboard of delivery ensures streamlined processes from initiation to completion.

Order Management

Track all deliveries.

Monitor the status of each order in real-time, from pickup to delivery, ensuring smooth operation.

Fleet Tracking

Monitor fleet location.

Keep tabs on the entire fleet with real-time GPS tracking to optimize dispatching and reduce downtime.

Driver Scheduling

Efficiently allocate tasks.

Assign and reassign delivery tasks to drivers based on location, availability, and workload for maximum efficiency.

Performance Analytics

Analyze operational data.

Leverage data analytics to evaluate and improve the performance of dispatch operations and driver efficiency.


Integrated Order Management

Streamline order tracking from placement to delivery, offering real-time updates and facilitating smooth dispatch operations.

Fleet Optimization Analytics

Analyze fleet performance and utilization to optimize routes, reduce costs, and improve dispatch efficiency for better resource allocation.


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